How to use various features of the WalkStrong app

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Sign up for a new account for a full experience of the WalkStrong app - including carefully selected tracks, contents, and many other features.

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Adjust your Daily Verses

WalkStrong tries to learn, understand and build your spiritual profile as you engage, read and follow the Scripture verses. The more you engage, the more intuitive the app becomes.

There are few ways the app learns and assesses where you're at in your spiritual journey.

The first and most important thing to do is to take and complete your first spiritual assessment. It's about 30 questions and should take no longer than 3-5 minutes to complete.

If you need a spiritual lift at any time to address certain areas in your life, you may tap on 'Personalize My Verse Feed' to select up to 3 topics at one time.

When you like a verse, it will also help us to be more relevant to you in future.

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Subscribe to Tracks

We have partnered with partners with a solid track-record to deliver carefully selected content (daily devotionals, bible studies, etc.) that we hope will be relevant to your situation and current season.

Simply browse the track that you wish to subscribe and tap on the Subscribe button. Adjust the reminders to receive the track content at your preferred time.

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If you have further questions, visit our FAQ section too.