A Bible app that encourages you to walk strong one day at a time.

In a world that is growing increasingly distracting by the day, focusing on God’s truth is more crucial now than ever. WalkStrong is a free app that intuitively meets you exactly where you are in your spiritual walk.

Bible App

WalkStrong is not a Bible reading app,
but a Bible engagement app.

Statistically, people who engage in God’s word four or more times a week are more likely to grow spiritually.

And by growing spiritually, we mean taking responsibility for our part of our spiritual journey alongside the Holy Spirit.

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more likely to share faith with others
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more likely to memorize scripture
0 %
less likely to view pornography
0 %
less likely to struggle with loneliness

Source : Center for Bible Engagement (CBE)

WalkStrong is here to help.

WalkStrong Personal Scriptures

Customize your
verse feed

If you’re struggling in certain areas of your character, the spiritual assessment test will help customize your verse feed to remind you of what God says about your situation.

Pray with an
online community

We believe that prayer deepens our dependence on God. Pray with and for your loved ones - as well as fellow followers of Christ across the globe - in our online prayer community.

Walkstrong Prayer
Spiritual Growth

Track your
reading activity

Just like in any relationship, getting to know God starts from intentionally learning about Him. Pore over the Scriptures and track what you’ve learned about God on a daily basis.

Be reminded
throughout the day

Living in a fast-paced, highly-distracted generation often means the hours fly by quickly. This app allows you to set multiple alarms throughout the day to remind you of your daily reading.

WalkStrong Notifications
WalkStrong Bookmark

Bookmark helpful
written and video content

Archive tracks and other content that have been helpful to you. You can easily access them anytime by clicking on your Tracks and Content tab.

Take the spiritual assessment test

Keep your feed relevant by updating your spiritual assessment. WalkStrong is designed to be highly intuitive to produce content that speaks to your current season.